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Ph.D. 1965 Animal Nutrition with minors in Biochemistry and Physiology.

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

M.S. 1963 Animal Nutrition with minor in Agricultural Economics.

Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

B.S.  1961 Agricultural Economics – Oregon State University.

1957-1960 Attended Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.

1957 Graduated from Perrydale (Oregon) High School.

BBA  1969 Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas.

Academic Honors and Activities

Cornell University – Phi Kappa Phi academic honor society.

Oregon State University – Graduated First in the School of Agriculture academically.  Member Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, Member Phi Delta Theta social fraternity.

Willamette University – Omicron Delta Kappa academic and leadership honor society.

President Junior Class.  Member Phi Delta Theta social fraternity.

Perrydale High School – Valedictorian with 4.0 GPA.  Future Farmers of America (FFA) – State President of Oregon.  National FFA Public Speaking Contest.  American Farmer Degree (awarded to 0.1% of FFA membership).

Honored Professor:  (1) Russian Academy of Management and Agribusiness, Moscow 1997 and (2) Academy of Management and Agribusiness, St. Petersburg, Russia.  1997.

Military Service

Captain USAF – Served 3 years and 3 months.  Honorable Discharge June 1969.

Commissioned 2nd Lt. USAF 5 June 1961 at OSU graduation – AFROTC program.

Entered active duty in March 1966 as 1st Lt. at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB (San Antonio), Texas.  Officer in charge of Space Nutrition Research. Coordinated and/or managed about 35 people.  Unit did most of the human volunteer testing of space foods for NASA.  Most studies conducted in hypobaric chambers.  Also conducted food and water deprivation studies.  Lectured often on space nutrition and physiology to USAF doctors, space pilots and biomedical trainees.  Later consulted to NASA on food system for Skylab.

International Travel and Experience

American Holstein Association- two assignments

Hungary – 1988 – Consulted to state farms on dairy nutrition and heifer raising.

Turkey – 1997 – Consulted on dairy nutrition to Pinar Sut milk conglomerate.

United States Feed Grains Council (USFGC) – 29 assignments as a paid consultant

Mexico – 18 trips dating from 1986.  Gave numerous lectures on dairy nutrition throughout Mexico.  Formulated dairy rations for private Mexican dairymen and for dairy operations owned by the Mexican government.  Spoke at various national and international meetings.

South Korea – 1986 – Taught dairy nutrition at one-week dairy seminar for dairy managers after touring South Korean dairies the previous week.

China – 1987 – Taught dairy and swine nutrition to feed mill managers at a two-week short course in Nanjing.  Consulted to large commercial dairy in Canton.  Stayed in Hong Kong.

Peru – 1988 – Lectured on dairy nutrition at four locations throughout Peru.  Did applied ration formulation for Peruvian dairymen.  Spoke at meeting of Ministry of Agriculture.

Russia – Five trips.  May 1993 – Visited Samara area on a 21 day trip to conduct a case study in preparation for the opening of the Russian – American Agriculture Training Center in Samara.  Studied feed mills and state farms.  During August, October and December of 1993 and March of 1994 lectured on dairy nutrition, comparative economic systems and competitive strategy at four – twelve-day seminars attended by feed mill managers, state farm managers and government officials.

Chile – Two trips. 1995 – March & July. Lectured on dairy nutrition and formulated rations for Cooprinsem (dairy supply, processing and marketing cooperative) in Osorno (Southern), Chile and the surrounding area.

Colombia – 1995 – July.  Consulting with and formulating rations for Bogota area dairymen and for the dairy cooperatives that processed their milk.

Private Animal Nutrition Consulting Trips to Mexico

April 1992.  Formulated rations for private dairies in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

August 1992.  Attended CIGAL (International Dairy Conference) in Mexico City, presented two papers and consulted with dairymen in San Luis Potosi area.

August 1994.  Attended CIGAL meetings in Mexico City and visited and consulted with dairies in San Luis Potosi area.

Farmer to Farmer Volunteer – United States Agency for International Development – 32 assignments

Bangladesh. (Six assignments).  (1) Three weeks in February – March 2000.  Winrock International, Dhaka. Formulated dairy rations for Saudi Bangla Fish Feed Ltd. (SBFFL), advised on feed mill operation, quality control laboratory and dairy extension.  Developed a spreadsheet program that allows SBFFL to formulate and price their dairy rations.  Lectured on dairy production in Dhaka to government and dairy people.  Visited dairy farms.  (2)  One month in January-February 2001. Winrock International. Worked with SBFFL and Dhamrai Dairy to develop and test dairy rations.  Upgraded feed formulation spreadsheet with new features. Used spreadsheet to formulate dairy rations in Bangladesh.  Developed other spreadsheets for (a) keeping record of milk production, (b) cow, (c) calf and (d) heifer replacement information.  Spreadsheets designed specifically for data collection on a feeding experiment but applicable to running a commercial dairy.  (3)  Three plus weeks in January-February 2005 (Winrock International) working with BRAC (largest NGO in world) on dairy ration formulations plus worked with Dhamrai Dairy. (4)  One month in Jan-Feb 2006 (Winrock International) working with BRAC and Dhamrai Dairy doing lactating cow rations.  Developed spreadsheets to predict dry matter intake and milk production given inputs for cows from 100 to 775 kg body weight.  (5)  One month in Jan-Feb 2008 (Winrock International) working with Milk Vita, Quality Feeds Ltd., BRAC and Dhamrai Dairy formulating lactating dairy and breeding and fattening bull rations.  (6)  Entire month of June 2008.  (Winrock International) working with CARE-Bangladesh and Quality Feeds Ltd., the largest feed producer in Bangladesh, on dairy formulas and issues.

Dominican Republic. 17 Days during December 2000.  Land O’Lakes. Worked with swine and dairy producers, some of whom were affected by Hurricane George.  Formulated rations and developed spreadsheet formulation programs for swine.

Egypt. Three weeks in June and July 2009.  ACDI/VOCA. Worked with Midwest University Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA) to improve dairy production.  Visited seven dairies of which three were with agricultural technical schools & four were commercial.  Reports written for each.  Two-day training program for master trainers with the goal of reaching 100,000 students.  REC’s dairy feeding guidelines presented.

India. Three weeks in September and October 2000.  Winrock International. Visited National Convention of Feed Manufacturers in Pune, presented seminar on dog nutrition to small animal veterinarians in Delhi, spent one week working near border with China and Nepal with village dairy people, worked with feed manufacturers in Pune, Delhi and Karnal, visited and presented seminar at National Dairy Research Institute in Karnal.

Kosovo (Serbia), Yugoslavia. One month in October and November 2002. Chemonics & Kosovo Business Support. Formulated rations for large dairies in Kosovo.  Gave seminar.

Malawi, Africa. (Three assignments) (1)  Two weeks in September 2002.  Land O’Lakes. Dairy production support.  Designed liquid feed program and gave ration suggestions.  (2)  Three weeks in Feb – Mar 2003.  Mixed liquid feed and distributed for testing.  (3)  May 2003.  Mixed liquid feed for testing.  Evaluated previous liquid feed trials.  Training conducted for LOL field representatives.

Republic of Georgia. Two weeks in May 2008 (ACDI/VOCA) doing dog and cat ration formulation work for a private feed company.

Russia. (Seven assignments)  (1) Western Siberia (Karasuk raion in Novisibirsk Oblast at Morozovsky JSC) during last two weeks of July 2003 and again (4) the first three weeks in December 2003.  Worked as a dairy and swine nutritionist for Land O’Lakes.   Developed personalized interactive Milk Money Maker spreadsheet.   (2)  Worked in Krasnadar Oblast the middle two weeks of September as a dairy nutritionist on large privately owned farm as a volunteer for ACDI/VOCA and again (3) the first two weeks of December 2003.  Suvorovo farm has 3900 cattle (1200 milking) and 4000 pigs.  Developed personalized interactive Milk Money Maker spreadsheet for Suvorovo.  (5). Spent a month in Altai Krai (Barnaul area) of Siberia formulating dairy and swine rations for two large farms (Blinovsky in Zirinsk and Doverie in Khabari) in May & June 2005 as a volunteer for Land O’Lakes.  (6). Two weeks at Dubrovskoye JSC near Tomsk, Siberia in August 2006.  Formulated rations for lactating dairy cows, newborn calves, growing calves and replacement heifers.  Management suggestions.  Milking procedures suggested that would reduce the incidences of mastitis.  (7). ACDI/VOCA & Land O’Lakes.  Spent two weeks in Novosibirsk Oblast at two large JSC’s doing dairy nutrition.  June 2007.

Tajikisatan. Two weeks in May & June 2010 doing beef and dairy nutrition work for CNFA & ACDI/VOCA.

Ukraine. (Eight assignments). (1) Six weeks in November and December 1998.  Land O’Lakes, L’viv, Ukraine. (2) Eleven weeks in April, May, June 1999.  Land O’Lakes, L’viv, Ukraine.  17 weeks total.  During these two trips worked mainly as a swine and dairy nutritionist and wrote articles on how Ukrainians could improve their profitability from improving their livestock rations.  (See publications.)  (3)  Two weeks in November 2000.  ACDI/VOCA, L’viv, Ukraine.  Worked with three farmer cooperatives with small feed mills from the USA. Formulated rations for swine, dairy and poultry.  (4)  Two & half weeks in April-May 2007.  CNFA. Worked with Leader Service Co-op in Besidka, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine doing swine rations.  (5) Two & half weeks in August 2007.  CNFA.  Worked with Leader Service Co-op in Besidka, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine doing dairy rations.  (6) Worked with Volyn Farmers Association in Volyn Oblast, Ukraine on swine rations.  December 2007.  (7) Two & half weeks in March – April 2007.  CNFA.  Worked with Leader Service Co-op in Besidka, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine doing poultry rations.  (8)  Two weeks in April 2010.  CNFA.  Worked with two large dairies (1750 animals) in Kiev Oblast south of Kiev.

Uzbekistan. (Two assignments). (1) Last two weeks of August 2000.  Land O’Lakes, Winrock International and Mercy Corp. Traveled and lectured in Samarkand and Namangan on dairy nutrition to owners of small dairy herds.  Visited Samarkand Agriculture Institute.  (2)  Two weeks for Winrock International starting 14 January 2003.  Visited dairymen in Karshi in Southern Uzbekistan.

Personal trips to Switzerland, 1988; The Czech Republic, 1996; Finland, 1996; Poland, 1998; Germany, 1998, 1999, 2002; France, 1999;  The Netherlands, 2003; Belgium, 2009 and   Luxembourg, 2009.


October – November 2007 – Dairy, Sheep and Swine Nutritionist for United Nations Development Project in Foca, Bosnia.  Three weeks.

September 2007 – Dairy Nutritionist in Egypt for Agriculture Export and Rural Income as speaker for the final conference.  ACDI/VOCA.  One week.   800 people registered.

December 2006 – Sheep Nutritionist for Balkan Initiative – Kosovo.  (Belgium NGO.)  Two Weeks.  Formulated sheep feeding programs.

October-November 2006 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for Kosovo Cluster Business Support.  Chemonics.  Two weeks.  Formulated mineral mixes for dairy and sheep.  Formulated rations for fattening dairy cattle.

May-June 2006 – Dairy and Sheep Nutrition Consultant for Kosovo Cluster Business Support.  Chemonics.  Three weeks.  Formulated rations for calves (starter & grower), replacement heifers, lactating ewes and lambs (starter and grower).

December 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for Land O’Lakes in the Philippines. Two weeks. Evaluated and formulated rations for lactating dairy cows for small holders and large commercial dairies.

November 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for Mercy Corps in Serbia-Montenegro. Two Weeks. Evaluated and formulated rations for lactating dairy cows.  Gave seminars.

November 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for ARD in Bosnia. Two weeks.  Visited dairies through Bosnia, formulated rations and gave seminars.

October 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for UNDP in Sebrenica, Bosnia.  Evaluated and suggested rations for lactating dairy cows.  Developed over 900 rations presented in spreadsheets and word documents plus narrative on good dairy nutrition practices.

August – September 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for Kosovo Cluster Business Support.  Chemonics.  Three weeks.  Formulated lactating rations for dairy cows.

August 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for ARD throughout Bosnia.  Two weeks.

July 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for UNDP in Sebrenica, Bosnia.  Three weeks.  Suggested rations for lactating dairy cows.

March-April 2005 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for Chemonics – Kosovo Cluster Business Support. Eight Weeks. Worked with large and medium sized dairy producers.  Significant (up to six liters) milk response in a month with ration changes.  Gave ten seminars.  Formulated dairy rations including a series of 216 rations for use in Kosovo with accompanying Field Milk Money Maker (fMMM) Spreadsheets.  Worked on formulation and introduction of new concentrated dairy vitamin-trace mineral premix.

July-August-September 2004 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for United Nations Development Project (UNDP) in Srebrenica, Bosnia (three weeks) and for USAID-LAMP (see below) throughout Bosnia (three weeks) calling on dairy producers, formulating rations and writing articles to support dairy producers in Bosnia.  Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Bihac, Mostar regions.  Three weeks in Kosovo for KCBS – Chemonics.  (See below.)

August -October 2004 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for Land O’Lakes in Malawi, Africa. Continued work of three previous volunteer projects to improve milk production.  Initial feeding trials showed milk responses of 50 to over 100% compared to milk flow prior to intervention.  This is a continuing dairy development project.

April-May 2004 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for United Nations Development Project (UNDP) in Srebrenica, Bosnia (three weeks) and for USAID-LAMP (see below) throughout Bosnia (three weeks) calling on dairy producers, formulating rations and writing articles to support dairy producers in Bosnia.  Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Bihac, Mostar regions.

January-February 2004 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant for USAID-LAMP – ARD (Linking Agricultural Markets & Processors for Agricultural Resource Development – USAID funded) Bosnia-Herzegovina. Visited dairies in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka regions, formulated dairy rations and gave numerous seminars during three weeks of work in Bosnia.  Developed personalized interactive Milk Money Maker spreadsheet showing formulas and income over feed cost for various winter forage programs.  (Scheduled back for November 2004.)

June 2003 – Dairy Nutrition Consultant to CARE International, Save the Children

– Small Farmer Support Project – USAID funded. Kosovo. Visited dairymen throughout most of Kosovo, formulated rations, held seminars for dairymen and field agents.  Formulated dairy premix program for Fauna, who will be in production summer of 2003 as a result of trip for KBS last year. Month of June 2003 worked for CARE International working on their dairy development project.  Formulated rations, visited dairymen and gave four seminars. Developed personalized Milk Money Maker spreadsheet showing formulas and income over feed cost for 250 ration possibilities.

March 2001 through May 2002 – Advisor to Southern States Cooperative on Global USAID’s Cooperative Development Program for private farmers cooperative feed manufacturing program in Western Ukraine.  Involved ration formulation (dairy, swine and poultry), agricultural cooperative development and agribusiness management training.  Lived in L’viv, Ukraine from March – July and Sept. to Dec. 2001 and March to July 2002.

Sept 1997 to May 1998 – Advisor for United States Department of Agriculture on their Commercial Agriculture Development Program in Western Ukraine.    Stationed in Lutsk, Ukraine (NW), worked with private farmers to make them more competitive, including helping to form two agriculture cooperatives, and studied land privatization methods.

1995 to 1997 – Russia.  Resident Coordinator for Texas A&M University, the American partner in the Russian – American Agribusiness Training Partnership.  Funding by USAID.  Coordinated agribusiness management seminars in Moscow (office), St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan, Barnaul and Irkutsk.  Lectured on competition, competitive strategy and comparative economic systems.  Employment started 1 August 1995.  Projected ended 30 June 1997.

1971 to presentChapin Livestock Supplements, President and animal nutritionist. Formulated, manufactured and sold liquid feed for beef and dairy animals plus vitamin, mineral and protein supplements for dairy, beef, swine and dogs.  Formulated extensively for large dairies in California, Oregon and Washington that home mixed their own rations.  Presently – consultant.

1991 to 2000 – Nutritionist for Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Dog Food, Los Angeles.  Formulated and originally produced this product line.  Worked as a consulting nutritionist developing new product lines for Sturdy Pet Products, San Leandro, California.

1969 to 1989Elliott Feed & Seed Co., Perrydale, Oregon.  Animal nutritionist, VP and President.  Formulated, manufactured and sold dry feeds for dairy, beef, swine, dogs, horses, mink and chickens and liquid feed for dairy and beef animals.

1969 to 1985 – Nutritionist and Western Sales Representative for the Pro-Lix Liquid Feed Company, Mobile, Alabama.  Worked in eleven western states plus Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Industry and Academic Affiliations

Oregon Feed, Seed & Suppliers Association.  President for two terms – 1976-1978.  Previously board member, V.P. and Secretary-Treasurer.  Member Animal Nutrition Committee.  Helped write and presented current Oregon Feed Law to Oregon House and Senate committees.

Pacific Northwest Animal Nutrition Conference.  Industry chairperson in 1975 and 1979.  Member of planning committee 1972 to 1980.

American Society of Animal Science.  Member since 1963.

American Dairy Science Association. Member since 1970.

Council of Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST). Member.

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS). Charter Diplomate of College of Nutrition with certification in dairy, swine, horses and companion animals.  Member of ARPAS membership examining board 1991.

Community Service

Perrydale (Oregon) School Board. Member for 17 years.  Chairman for six years.

Polk County (Oregon) Education Service District.  Member for ten years.

Salem Community Concert Association.  President 1976 – 1978, 1984 – 1988, 1991 – 1995, Co-President 2003 to 2005.  Currently a board member. Concert Manager 1988 -1995.  Four to six concerts of international artists presented per year to 500 to 1000 members.

Dallas, Oregon United Methodist Church – Member since 1949.

Publications and Presentations

M.S. Thesis. Effect of Pelleting and of Supplementation of Barley Rations for Swine with Tallow, Enzymes and Zinc. Oregon State University, 1962.

Ph.D. Thesis.  Investigations on the Calcium Nutrition of the Domestic Rabbit.  Cornell University 1965

Calcium Requirement of Growing Rabbits.  Journal of Animal Science Vol. 26 page 67, 1967.  Roy E. Chapin and S. E. Smith.

1966 to 1969.  USAF.  Various papers on Space Nutrition Research presented at the Aerospace Meetings in Washington, D.C. and Miami, Florida.  Also presented a paper on Calcium and Phosphorus Nutrition of Rabbits at the Federation of Experimental Biologists Meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey and the American Society of Animal Science meeting in Reno, Nevada.

Feeding Dairy Cows on Pasture.  The Dairyman Magazine.  March 1974.

What Good Are Low Quality Forages? The Dairyman Magazine.  June 1974.

Reduce Wintering Costs by Feeding Straw. 1974 Oregon Cattleman Magazine,  July-August,  California Cattleman Magazine and Washington Cattleman Magazine, September.

Spoke on Straw Utilization for Beef Cows at all annual Oregon county livestock Extension meetings. Sponsored by Oregon State University Extension Service. 1975 and 1976.

Do You Buy Feed on Price or Performance? Northwest Dairy Times.  October 1979.

Alternate Dry Cow Feeding Programs. The Dairyman Magazine. September 1980.

Formulating Dog Foods for Racing Sled Dogs. Published in various sled dog magazines during 1986 – 1987 plus presented during several speaking engagements to dog owners.

How Much Energy Should I Feed My Dairy Cows? U. S. Feed Grains Council publication translated into Spanish and widely distributed and re-published in magazines throughout Latin America.  Also published in The Dairyman Magazine.  May 1987.

Suggestions on Successful Heifer Raising From a Nutritionist’s Point of View.  Presented at a lecture for state farm managers in Hungary in 1988 and published by the National Association of State Farms of Hungary.

How Much Wet Feed Can a Dairy Cow Eat? Based on a personal field study for USFGC in Queretaro, Mexico.  Presented at and published by CIGAL (International Dairy Conference), Mexico City.  August 1989.  Also published in Western Dairy Living.  November 1989.

Suggested Dietary Levels of Vitamins and Minerals for High Producing Dairy Cows. CIGAL, Mexico City.  1989.  Also presented to biannual meeting and published by Mexican Association of Animal Production (AMPA), Chapingo, Mexico.  October 1989.

Observations & Suggestions for Improved Milk Production in Mexico. Written (1990) for the Mexican USFGC and the dairy support people of the Mexican government.

Case Study of Agribusiness Conglomerate and Feasibility of Operating an Agribusiness Training Center in Samara, Russia. U.S. Feed Grains Council.  126 pages.  May 1993

Speech to Dallas, Oregon Kiwanis Club Comparing the Effectiveness of Command Economies and Market Economies based on observations made while in Russia.  September 1994.

Speech and letter on How the Perrydale (Oregon) School District Can Adapt to Serving Students More Effectively in a Market Economy Environment. Presented to board February 1995.

Speech on Economics and Partnership Objectives given at the opening seminar of the Russian – American Agribusiness Training Partnership in Moscow in October 1995 at the Russian Academy of Management and Agribusiness (RAMA), which is the leading academy in the Retraining System of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation.

Speech on Accomplishments, Objectives and Future Work of the Russian – American Agribusiness Training Partnership given at Russian Academy of Management and Agribusiness to 100 rectors and leaders of the Retraining System of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.  Moscow.  December 1996.

Economic, Political, Social and Cultural Observations of My Visit to Helsinki, Finland – As seen through the eyes of Nikolai Senin, a 24 year old Russian student working on his Candidate for Doctorate Degree, on his first trip outside of Russia. 23 pages.  December 1996.

Observations, Recommendations and Commentary on Implications for Russia and other Former Command Economies based on Present and Past Russian History After Visiting a Joint Stock Company Dairy Operation in Ivanovo Region Northeast of Moscow.  26 pages. Dec.1996.

Agribusiness Training Seminar Project Manual 500 pages.  Russian – American Agribusiness Training Partnership.  Texas A&M University.  Published in both English and Russian language.  Widely distributed throughout Russia and Ukraine.  Contributing author.  1997.

Privatizing Collective Farms in the Former Soviet Union. 37 pages.  December 1997.

Managing Blood Sugar Levels to Feel Good. 27 pages.  January 1998.

An Animal Nutritionist Looks At Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues affecting Russia, Ukraine, The United States and Japan. 251 pages.  Written in Ternopil, Ukraine. Summer 1998.

The Importance to Ukraine to Develop a First Class Livestock Feed Industry. News Article translated into Ukrainian and published in “SVIT”, 3 pages. 26 November 1998 in L’viv, Ukraine.

Study of a Successful Private Farm Partnership in Western Ukraine. Written for USAID, Kiev. 26 pages. Dec. 1998.

Feasibility Study and Recommendations for Starting and Operating a Large Commercial Swine Operation on a Privatized Collective Farm in Western Ukraine.  17 pages.  April 1999.  Translated into Ukrainian and published in SVIT newspaper in L’viv, Ukraine July 1999.

Suggestions on How Ukraine Swine Producers Can Formulate Swine Rations for High Performance Using Feedstuffs Available in Western Ukraine. 15 pages.  May 1999.  Translated into Ukrainian.

Formulating, Manufacturing, Delivering, Feeding and Benefits of Liquid Feeds Made From Beet Molasses and Fed to Dairy and Beef Cattle in Western Ukraine. 23 pages.  June 1999.  Translated into Ukrainian.

Evaluation of Two Lease Enterprises (Privatized Collective Farms) in Western Ukraine with Suggestions for Making Improvements.  15 pages.  May and June 1999.  Ukrainian.

Suggested Educational Approach to be used by Western Aid Givers in Ukraine and Russia – Learning Versus Memorization. 3 pages.  July 1999.

Guidelines for Feeding Canola Meal to Dairy and Beef Cattle, Swine and Poultry in Western Ukraine. 15 pages.  July 1999.  Translated into Ukrainian.

An Animal Nutritionist Looks at Formulating Dairy Feeds in Bangladesh with Suggestions on Ways to Improve Milk Production and Profit. Seminar presented in Dhaka, Bangladesh to government officials and dairy industry people.  13 pages.  March 2000.

Series of Feed Formulation Spreadsheets for use by Bangladesh Feed Companies & Dairies. April 2000.  Formulation spreadsheets distributed for international use.

The Importance of Increasing the Productivity of Labor and of Cows in Bangladesh. 5 pages.  April 2000.

Series of Feed Formulation Spreadsheets (dairy, swine and poultry – broilers, layers, geese, ducks and turkeys) for use in Ukraine by three small feed cooperatives.  2000, 2001 and 2002.  Developed associated spreadsheets for pricing and mixing feeds including vitamin-trace mineral premixes, base mixes, concentrates and complete feeds.

Swine Feeding Program for use by three co-ops sponsored by ACDI/VOCA and Southern States Cooperative’s, Cooperative Development Program.  11 pages.  2001.

Dairy Cattle Feeding Program for use by three co-ops sponsored by ACDI/VOCA and Southern States Cooperative’s, Cooperative Development Program.  11 pages.  2001.

Applied Swine Basics & Pig Profit Planner.  Series of spreadsheets & 93 page narrative on the effect of changing ambient temperature on swine nutrient requirements with cost comparisons for various protein supplements.  Pig Profit Planner can be used to predict profitability on various diets.  Available in English, Ukrainian and Russian.  July, 2002

Animal Nutrition Considerations for Feeding Cassava Leaf (80%) and Root (20%) Silage to Dairy Cows in Malawi. 14 pages.  March 2003

Interactive (prices) Milk Money Maker (MMM) spreadsheets developed for selecting the most profitable dairy rations and predicting income over feed costs.  Shows dairy ration, nutrient balances, ration nutrient densities, nutrient ratios, milk production, income over feed costs etc..  User enters local feed costs and milk price.  Developed for two dairies in Russia (Morozovsky JSC in Novosibirsk Oblast and Suvorovo JSC in Krasnodar oblast) and for multiple dairies in Kosovo.  Multiple pages depending on number of rations formulated.  Rations calculated with U.S. NRC Dairy (2001) software.  August, September and December. 2003.  More MMM’s developed for Bosnia (2004) and Malawi (2004) with supporting articles.  Expanded to 12 pages per up to 12 ration presentations with multiple sheets in each book.  Added interactive (mix size) mix formulas for dairy mash, dairy concentrate and dairy base mix plus costing to manufacture the mixes.

Explanation of Interactive Milk Money Maker with discussion on theoretical and applied dairy nutrition.  Focuses discussion on about 200 rations. 30 plus pages.  December 2003.

Dairy Ingredient Nutrient Data Base.  Spreadsheet used to calculate non-fiber carbohydrates (NFC), rumen degradable protein (RDP), and grams of RDP, soluble protein, digested rumen undegradable protein, lysine and methionine per 100 grams ingredient intake of 121 ingredients.  Calculations and rations based on data presented in U.S. National Research Committee’s 2001 edition of Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle.  12 pages. Aug 2003.

Visual Cow Feeding.  May 2004

216 Representative Dairy Rations for Use in Kosovo (19 pages) plus accompanying interactive Farm Milk Money Maker spreadsheet.  April 2005.

Formulated 297 rations and presented in a word document with commentary on dairy nutrition for us in Balkans (61 pages). Developed field interactive Money Maker Spreadsheet to show 297 rations, costs, income and 20 summary sheets from large data base represented by these 297 rations.  Wrote word document explaining findings of data base summaries.  September 2005

Developed interactive (prices) field Milk Money Maker spreadsheet and word document comparing sunflower meal versus soybean meal for day cows.  September 2005.

Developed field interactive (prices) Milk Money Maker spreadsheet and supporting word document for 936 rations for lactating rations fed various forages with wet or dry malt that support milk production levels from 15 to 50 liters milk/cow/day. December 2005.

Developed interactive (prices) spreadsheet with rations and management suggestions for calves and replacement heifers. June 2006.

Theoretical and Applied Dairy Nutrition.  Part 1:  Major Minerals, Trace Minerals & Vitamins.  100 pages.  Part 2:  Protein, Energy, Fiber, Economics & Misc. 80 pages.  Jan. 2007.

Sheep Nutrition.  20 pages.  February 2007.

Lyudmilla’s Cow. 3 pages. July 2007.  Details on milk flow increase & nutrient changes when diet of cow in Besidka, Ukraine improved.

Dairy Feeding Suggestions for Ukraine.  August 2007.  23 pages.  Besidka, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine.

How to Read Dairy Ration Safety Gauges. 10 pages.  August 2007

Roy Chapin’s Two Page Outline on How to Feed Dairy Cows. August 2007.

Ruminant Nitrogen Cycle – RDP & RUP.  3 pages.  August 2007

Speech to Egyptian dairy farmers attending Livestock Value Chain in Upper Egypt.

4 September 2007.  18 pages.

Spreadsheet on Dog and Cat Rations. May 2008

Farmer Questionnaire for Conducting Dairy Feeding Trials.  2 pages.  June 2008.

Inputs to CARE-Bangladesh on Improving the Dairy Value Chain.  July 2008.  26 pages.

Individual Dairy Cow Rations and Composite Concentrate Rations for Bangladesh. 73 pages.  July 2008.

Spreadsheet on Comparative Lactating Dairy Rations for Bangladesh. July 2008.

Some of my writings for Ukraine Agriculture are available on the Internet in both English and Ukrainian at:

Various articles on international agricultural development written by Roy Chapin can be found in English, Ukrainian and Russian at or

Personal Information

Roy Elliott Chapin was born in Salem, Oregon on 31 August 1938.

Married to Carolyn Mathis Chapin since 11 September 1971.  Carolyn teaches Spanish for the Perrydale, Oregon School District.

Children:  Karen Elizabeth Chapin Myers, born 19 February 1973 (Oregon State University, 1994),

Kathryn Elliott Chapin Slack, born 30 October 1975 (Willamette University, 1997)

Mark Alexander Chapin, born 22 August 1977 (University of Oregon, 2001).

Key Words

Animal Nutrition

Dairy Nutrition

Swine Nutrition

Sheep Nutrition

Poultry Nutrition

Dog Nutrition

Cat Nutrition

Feed Manufacture

Feed Mill

Agribusiness Management

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